Tis the season to feel busy…

As I stop and think back on other years during the holiday season, I can’t help but feel an anxious feeling of my life starting to get busy. I’m sure many people would agree! So that got me thinking. Maybe it’s time to stop talking about how busy we are, and instead realize the moments we rejoice in.

What happened to the simple act of getting together with family and friends, and filling the atmosphere with laughter, stories, joy, and thankfulness? As a society, our focus has switched to money and buying the best gifts possible. This is something I myself am guilty of. I love giving gifts, and as someone who loves giving gifts, it is easy for me to forget the simplicity of the season. It is also something I have become more aware of over the years—mainly as a reminder to myself that there is no reason to stress over the big extravagant decorations or presents.

I encourage you, especially during the holiday season, to think about the simple things. Create new stories; create laughter; create joy; create reasons to be thankful!

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