Sundays on Wednesdays!

Sundays <sic> on Wednesdays!

“Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.”
– Jesus
… in Matthew 6:21

In July… welcome to 6:21 PM Worship on Wednesday

Summer is busy… but it’s no time for a vacation from God! That’s why we’re offering worship on Wednesdays with a series of musical guests to enrich our time with God.

Gospel Music with Superior Sound

During these weeks, it’ll be a chance for me to introduce you to a book in the Bible that I have loved and appreciated through the years – Colossians. In these weeks, I’m hoping it will become for you a text that deepens your faith.

… And these summer evenings will be followed by ice cream fellowship!

So bring your family, bring some friends! Come to worship! Write some notes in your Bible! Have fun with us this summer!

  • Pr. Brendan

PS: Here is a video version of one of the many parts of Colossians that I love!

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