Lake County Seeking Foster Parents

You Can Make a Difference:

Lake County is urgently seeking foster families. Have you considered opening your home and heart to help children and families in need?

Children thrive best when they are with family.  We work diligently with families to prevent out-of-home placement whenever possible.  Most often foster care is temporary and children are reunited with their parents within a short time. In some cases, foster families may be asked to provide a permanent home for children that cannot be reunified with their family.

How you can help:

Foster Care provides a safe, stable, nurturing home and family environment for children who cannot live with their family.  Foster parents provide for the child’s educational, health, cultural and social needs. The life altering decision to foster or adopt comes with incredible rewards and challenges.

If you are interested in becoming a foster care provider or learning more about the licensing process, please contact Theresa at (218)226-4443.

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